Faarufushi, the pearl of Raa Atoll

Faarufushi, the pearl of Raa Atoll

Once again, Faarufushi and its surroundings gave us a month that could not have been better.

The natural beauty of the island combined with luxury and great service above and under the water. We explored more dive sites and discovered beautiful and unexplored dives sites with a wide variety of soft corals, eagle rays, nurse sharks.

Diving with us around Faarufushi means to travel with a comfortable speed dhoni with plenty of space for you are your dive gear, unexplored dives sites which are not crowded and diving in small groups.

Faarufushi, the pearl of Raa Atoll 9If you are not a diver yet we have the perfect tool to experience your first breath underwater: with Peter diving – a surface air supplied device – you can experience the beauty of the underwater world together with one of our instructors without the need of a full set of scuba gear.

There was never an easier way to blow your first bubbles.

With the monsoon slowly changing the conditions for windsurfing or catamaran sailing with our water sports center become great. Also, our sunset SUP and Kayak trips are a truly amazing experience.

Faarufushi, the pearl of Raa Atoll 11Like Dolphins?

Take a jet ski from our water sport center and let our experienced guide take you for an unforgettable experience.

Just a short ride away from the island there is a high chance to see huge groups of dolphins in their natural environment.

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