Euro-Divers Oman presented with PADI award

Euro-Divers Oman presented with PADI award

On Sunday August 17th, 2015, PADI ran an event at the Almouij Marina at The Wave in Muscat, Oman, to introduce PADI to a wider audience in Oman and to announce plans for a PADI Dive Guide program. This is a professional level qualification, between Rescue Diver and Divemaster that we will pilot test in Oman.

The PADI Dive Guide qualification is designed to encourage a greater number of Omani Nationals to become actively involved in their local diving industry and will act as a bridge to the full PADI Divemaster program. A PADI Dive Guide is limited to leading guided dives only and, during this pilot test, will only be able to work in Oman. Should they choose to work elsewhere, the Dive Guide would be treated as a referral for the full Divemaster qualification that they will need to have in order to be employed in other countries. By training and using PADI Dive Guides, PADI Dive Stores in Oman will be able to concentrate their Instructors, working on visas, to teach PADI courses.

Announcing the program, Mark Spiers, Vice-President, Sales, Field Services, Marketing and Business Development, at PADI EMEA, highlighted the quality of the diving in Oman and the significant contribution that scuba diving makes to tourism in Oman. He said “There has been a major increase in the number of certifications and diving tourists in Oman. We want to see this growth continue and we believe that the best way of achieving this is to increase the number of Omani Nationals actively working in the industry”.

During the occasion Euro-Divers Oman were presented with an award for their ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Diving Industry in Oman’. We are grateful for all their assistance with the event and a special thank you to Khalil Abujaber from Almouij Marina his sponsorship of the venue.

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