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We’ve all been there – on a dive, hoping to see sharks and then at last they appear, but a glance at your dive computer shows you must ascend to a shallower depth; you notice other divers are still there, and back on the boat there is much talk of the spectacular sighting that you missed. Let us introduce Nitrox – the handy gas blend that can improve safety and extend bottom time.

By completing the PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver specialty course, divers can reduce the amount of nitrogen in the gas they breathe underwater and therefore reduce the risks and limitations of diving with ‘normal’ air. There’s nothing complicated about Nitrox, it’s simply a gas with a higher percentage of oxygen and lower percentage of nitrogen and once you’re certified to dive with it, you’ll have the opportunity to dive at renowned shark diving sites with ease.

To get started select here the dive centre you will be visiting then pick ‘Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver’ – complete the online theory and then you’ll go through the practical elements of gas analysing, filling in the nitrox log and setting your dive computer correctly with an instructor once you arrive at the resort – you’ll be diving safer and longer in no time!

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Silvertip Sharks At Maldivian Reef

Shark diving sites to look forward to:

Havodda Maldives

With Euro-Divers Havodda you have access to some of the best channel dives in the atoll, two of our favourites for shark diving are Rahadhoo Kandu & Madaveli Kandu. When the current is right, there is a high chance that divers will be greeted by a school of grey reefs sharks, eagle rays, white tips and other big fish such as tunas, Napoleon and barracuda, as well as green sea turtles. Hanging around on the reef to watch these creatures swimming by can be a real treat.

Eriyadu Island Resort, Meeru Island Resort & Spa and Kagi Maldives Resort & Spa

The Euro-Divers teams have identified the best shark points in the region as Finger Point, Helengeli Bodu Thila, Miyaru Faru and Woshimas Thila. These dive sites are real shark magnets that provide breath-taking close encounters with different kinds of sharks. Regular sightings of up to 20 grey reefs and white tips are enjoyed, as well as frequent silver tip encounters. 20-30 schooling eagle rays can be seen – a spectacle that cannot be missed. Tuna, jacks and napoleon are amongst the other big fish seen at these sites.

Kurumba Maldives

Embudhoo Express is the favourite place to be for shark dives in the Maldives with Euro-Divers at Kurumba. About 45 minutes away, this dive site has it all and can be dived all year round. During the incoming current, it gives a panoramic view of the channel’s mouth and in outgoing currents, grey reefs, white tips and occasionally silver tip sharks come close showing their full size.

Other than sharks, jacks, eagle rays, turtles, Napoleon can be seen here. Kurumba House Reef is also a great shark watching spot – it has about a population of about 20 black-tip reef sharks with sizes ranging from 1-2 metres in length. They swim very close to you, checking you out. And can be seen during snorkelling too. Kurumba House Reef also offers octopuses, turtles, and eagle rays, as well as the usual abundance of fish.

It is recommended that for all of the above dives, with the exception of Kurumba House Reef, divers should certified to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver level or equivalent, and be qualified to dive with nitrox.