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The real Egyptian summer with hot temperatures started in May. Nevertheless we also experienced one strong storm with rain. The water temperature is going up every day, at the surface is around 27-28 degrees, during dives at 15 meters fall down to 24-25 degrees. Anyway from the beginning of quarantine no dolphins were spotted, so we think they are waiting for the guests.

2Euro Divers Utopia Beach Club Egyptian Summer At Utopia Beach Club 13/06/2024

The whole month was in sign of holy Ramadan. During this time was applied curfew till 9 p.m., after Ramadan one week of strict quarantine – curfew is till 5 p.m. and all shops, beaches, parks and public transport are completely shut down during this period. From the middle of the month there are few hotels opened for local tourists with lots of rules, including opening max 25 percent of hotel availability, no buffet style food, no evening entertainment and strong hygiene rules. At the beginning of June, it will be possible to open hotels at half of their capacity, if they fulfill all requirements.

Hopefully Utopia will qualify also.

1Euro Divers Utopia Beach Club Egyptian Summer At Utopia Beach Club 13/06/2024

The work at diving center is now more focused on preparing for re-opening and applying all new rules for the protection of our guests and staff. All of diving organizations are coming with new recommendations and regulations. To bring them alive we are producing new signs and procedures and lots of other different actions. All of the staff from our diving center and their families are still healthy and hoping to get back to work very soon.