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Protecting Our Blue Planet Together

As divers and snorkellers we understand the importance of protecting the oceans and the Euro-Divers Maldives teams recently took on a challenge to clean up trash from the watery realm they call their office!

The Challenge – Eau’ Défi

Launched by the Paris Dive Show to mark their 25th anniversary, Eau’ Défi (Water Challenge) aimed to encourage as may participants as possible to help clean up the ocean in their local area during their underwater activities and visits to the beach.

Dive Teams Tackle Ocean Plastic: Protecting Our Blue Planet

Why Ocean Clean-ups Are So Important

Our ocean functions as the Earth’s life support system, and to ensure a sustainable future, we must protect and preserve its waters and ecosystems from pollution. The ocean regulates our climate and provides the air we breathe, it provides food, medicines, jobs and livelihoods. We must work together to protect and save the ocean for the sake of our future survival on this planet.

How Euro-Divers Helped

The trash collection events on the islands were held over a two-month period and were hugely successful and it was so rewarding to be able to take part in such a worthwhile cause. Our team organised weekly clean-ups in all forms -underwater during dives and snorkel excursions, at resort beaches, along local island jetties, on inhabited and uninhabited islands and sandbanks.

Euro-Divers Dive Into Ocean Cleanup Challenge

The Future

Ultimately, we need to tackle the problem of plastic pollution at source and stop using/producing it – this will be the most powerful tool we can employ to help protect the oceans and everyone can contribute to that. In the meantime, taking to steps to prevent plastic from entering the ocean will stop the problem from escalating.

The end of the official challenge is not the end of the journey for Euro-Divers. We will continue cleaning wherever possible to contribute to a sustainable future for the Maldives and beyond. You don’t have to be a diver or snorkeller to contribute to a cleaner ocean, there are many practical things you can do to help including choosing reef-safe sun cream, taking plastics home for responsible disposal, saying ‘no’ to plastics wherever possible, and collecting any trash you find on the beaches during walks.

Euro-Divers Dive Into Ocean Cleanup Challenge