September in Hurghada

September in Hurghada

In Hurghada September showed itself at his best. Less wind and water-temperature at 29 degree made the boat-trips very comfortable.

September in Hurghada 9And if you have the chance of snorkeling with some whale-sharks between the dives, your day is perfect.

On dive-against-debris-day, we collected a lot of rubbish out of the sea. Thanks to Yazi for the pictures.

Special Offer October 2019

Speciality of the Month:

DEEP-Diver. You want to dive to a wreck, but this is laying deeper than 30 Meter? No problem when you have the DEEP-Speciality.

Herewith, you can reach the limits of recreational diving. As a DEEP-Diver, you are allowed to go down on 40 meters. This Month only 99 Euro including certification.


September in Hurghada 11