May is already here with the South-West Monsoon announcing small currents and bringing planktons to the East part of the Atoll. This is of course a great timeframe for us as the Mantas already arrived on Vilamendhoo Island resort & Spa for the pleasure of our divers. The famous Coral Hills and his cleaning station is now scheduled 3 times a week.

mantas Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo Maldives May 2016In the meantime, we also have a new dive site located 45 minutes North of Vilamendhoo which is another cleaning station for Mantas!!!! We are very pleased that those 2 dive sites are close to each other improving the chance to see those beautiful creatures….

Our “May Repeater special Offer” has been successful and we did a lot of Fluo-Night diving on our beautiful House Reef, most of our divers never tried it and they very much enjoyed making the Team busy at the evening 🙂

The digital underwater photographer will be the specialty of the month in June. We will make two dives with you next to a theory lesson followed by a small workshop how to edit the pictures what you have taken. In June the training fee of 66.- US Dollar will be not charged.

We would like to welcome Karolina and Ethan to the Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo Team

Karolina is a very skilled Instructor and have been diving many places and decided to come back to Maldives, her sight is very impressive and she able to spot the smaller underwater creatures as Nudibranchs, Flatworms and Shrimps.

Ethan is already working for Euro-Divers since 2 years. He was before in Kandooma Maldives taking care mainly of our Asian guests. He loves to be in the water and flirting with our Mantas and Sharks.

We are all very glad to have these both with us and we are very confident that you will also enjoy diving with them during your next diving holidays with us.