Velidhu Island Resort North Ari Atoll

Velidhu is located in the North of Ari Atoll.

Ari Atoll is famous for its marine diversity and especially for its sharks and manta rays. Manta rays can be found within 10 minutes boat drive from the island, depending on the season. Encounters with this gentle giants of the Indian Ocean can be organized for diving and snorkeling.

If you are looking for a small, cozy, romantic and traditional bare foot island, then Velidhu Island is your place to be.

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Euro-Divers Dive Shop Velidhu Island

Diving With Sharks In North Ari AtollOur fully equipped PADI 5* dive centre offers the full range of diving courses from beginner to professional level. The protected lagoon and the Velidhu house reef are perfect to start your diving adventure or simply practice your diving skills.

The resort is the ideal base to dive its 30 dive sites. Most dive sites are within five minutes to one hour from the resort and the boat journey by traditional Maldivian Dhoni makes the diving trips even more enjoyable. The most famous dive sites nearby are Maaya Thila and Hafza Thila. Both smooth for beginner and advanced divers.

We offer regular morning dives, full day trips and the breath taking early morning dives to Rasdhoo Madivaru where you’re guaranteed of diving with grey reef sharks and where you have a high chance to encounter one of the hammerhead sharks.

The dive shop also offers night dives, both regular night dives as well as fluorescent night dives. The latter one includes a special UV light which gives the corals and marine life somewhat of an otherworldly natural glow, like something from a fantasy movie. The night dive can be done by boat to one of the nearby Thilas or at the Velidhu house reef.


Early morning Rashdoo

Diving With Sharks In North Ari AtollHaving your breakfast on the sundeck of the traditional Dhoni, accompanied by the stunning Maldivian sunrise, followed by diving with sharks and pelagic fish, is a dream come true for many divers.

Rashdoo Madivaru dive site is located in the entry channel to Rasdhoo Atoll. Due to the medium to strong current which runs through the channel, this place attracts a lot of sharks and bigger species.

Mavaaru Manta Point

Diving with Manta rays is one of the top wishes on the bucket list for many divers. In the dry season, which is running from December to April, we will bring you to our Manta cleaning station called Maavaru Manta Point. Up to 20 manta’s cleaning during a full hour dive is not rare. Our experienced guides will give you a detailed briefing about the Manta rays and their behavior before we start the dive.

The best Thila dives in North and Central Ari Atoll

With only 30 minutes to 1 hour boat ride from the resort, you will have access to the best Thilas in the Maldives: Nika Point, Reethi Thila, Ukulhas Thila, Hafza Thila, Maaya Thila, Maalhos Thila, Fish Head and many more.


  • Nika Point

  • Reethi Thila

  • Maavaru Manta Point

  • Ukulhas Thila

  • Maaya Thila

  • Hafza Thila

Padi e-learning

Start now! PADI e-learning is a great way to save valuable holiday time in North Ari Atoll!

Become a PADI certified diver in no time by simply participating in all underwater adventures of the Open Water Course or Advanced Open Water Course and without spending time in a classroom during your holiday!