Velidhu in July

Velidhu in July

Fullday-Trip Fish Head, Bathala Thila and Hafza Thila

diving maldives in july velidhuWe had a very nice fullday-trip to Fish Head, Bathala Thila and Hafza Thila.

The dives on this trip were all very nice….and one of our divers was almost kissed by an eagle ray in Bathala Thila….you all can imagine how excited she was after the dive.



PADI Women’s Day

diving maldives in july velidhuOn 16th July 2016 was the international PADI Women’s Day. We organized some specials for our diving ladies. After the afternoon dive we had some pink cocktails for our ladies and we even got a visit from a very special lady….one of our divers dressed as lady to also have a cocktail!

Personalized diving tanks

Velidhu in July 5We might be the only diving center with personalized diving tanks.

Our diver Megan took care of our tanks and painted every day something on the different tanks.

It was very funny to follow or to cross those tanks underwater but especially to see the reaction and the surprise of the other dive center guest when they saw those masterpieces.