Diving Kurumba Maldives

Diving Kurumba Maldives

The IUCN Maldives BiosphDiving Kurumba Maldives in March with Euro-Diversere Reserve Survey Team was exploring the Kurumba house reef.:)

This project aims to advance coral reef resilience, focusing on improving ecosystem management for climate change adaptation and megafauna’s species protection in the Maldives.

Frog Fish Diving Kurumba Maldives in March with Euro-Divers 03-04-2017We found in one of our famous dive site Black color frog fish and we do look forward to show it you when you are at Kurumba Maldives.

We have the great pleasure to introduce Dr. Robert Baldus and his wife Petra Baldus.

Dr. Robert Baldus and his wife Petra BaldusThey have been our Mega Multi Euro-Divers Kurumba Repeaters for 22 times.

Robert has done around 400 dives just here with us. His first certification as an Open Water diver was completed in 1995 and he has a total of 11 certification completed here in Kurumba.

Their 2 daughters as well learned diving here in Kurumba when they were kids and are Master Scuba Divers now.

Robert and Petra mention that they have been in many islands in Maldives and Kurumba is for them the best for diving, because of the great marine life.

Robert was waiting so long for a guitar shark/ray and this time he saw one very close to him and he was able to make great pictures of the guitar shark. He was so happy that finally he saw one 🙂

Mission beautification of the dive center is fully going on and everything gets a bit more fishy here Leila and Rashid decorating our windows with lot’s of colorful fish…

Looking forward to share this amazing experience with you all.

Sunny regards,

Euro-Divers Kurumba Maldives Team.