Diving Kandooma February

Diving Kandooma February

Lost some of these post-Christmas superfluous pounds around the waist and it is time to dive the classics.

Kandooma Thila, also known to the local as Beyru Thila, Losfushi Corner, Guraidhoo Corner and Cocoa Corner are giving us a show to remember and take your breath away at practically each dive.

At the moment we are enjoying 20 meters to 30 meters visibility, good incoming current with the pelagic life being thriving and playful in the current.

Dogtooth Tuna, Eagle Rays, Napoleon wrasse and Sharks are to be seen on most dives to the delight of our divers.

eagle rays euro divers kandooma maldivesSharks, Kandooma, Maldives






This morning it was in EXCESS.

There were so many that I stopped counting at 30 eagle rays and preferred joining the shoal and swim with them for over 5 minutes.

Time enough to take over 60 shots and let you dribble over them…

You can try to close your eyes and imagine… But this will not make it justice.

Come over to Euro-DIvers Kandooma Maldives! …it is happening now!

See you very soon

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