Are you planning to visit us here in Maldives?

In 2022 Euro-Divers Maldives will celebrate 50 years of “Diving with Friends”.

We look forward to you joining us for these much anticipated and exciting events.

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January 2022

  • Turtle Week 7-13th at Kagi
  • Manta Week 23-29th at Vilamendhoo

February 2022

  • Manta Week 5-11th at Dhigali
  • Manta Week 13-19th at LUX* South Ari Atoll

March 2022

  • Manta Week 2-8th at Meeru
  • Turtle Week 11-17th at Havodda, Club Med Finolhu, Club Med Kani

April 2022

  • Turtle Week 9-15th at Dhigali

May 2022

  • Scooter Weeks 2-15th at Vilamendhoo
  • Scooter Weeks 21-27th at LUX* South Ari Atoll

June 2022

  • Stingray Week 6-12th at Kurumba
  • Shark Week 15-21st at Kagi
Sharks Stingrays And Scooters In Maldives
Turtles Mantas And Whale Sharks

July 2022

  • Scooter Week 5-15th at Club Med Kani
  • Scooter Week 20-26th at Kurumba

August 2022

  • Turtle Week 5-11th at Meeru
  • Whale Shark Week 14-20th at LUX* South Ari Atoll
  • Shark Week 23-30th at Havodda

September 2022

  • Shark Week 5-11th at Eriyadu
  • Manta Week 14-20th at Club Med Finolhu, Club Med Kani, Kurumba
  • Whale Shark Week 24-30th at Vilamendhoo

October 2022

  • 3rd of October Euro-Divers 50th Anniversary Day
  • Scooter Weeks 9-22nd at Meeru

November 2022

  • Shark Week 14-20th at Kurumba

December 2022

  • Manta Week 5-11th at Eriyadu

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