Diving at Meeru Island in August

Diving at Meeru Island in August

August was a busy month with diving, snorkeling and water sports activities. We had a full house, meeting new and old faces. As it was school holidays in Europe we had many families, and the kids did bubble maker program in our beautiful lagoon. We could certify many new divers on top which now know how beautiful it is under the surface.

Water sports has been booming with exciting Jet Ski’s trips, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, as the weather has been so good with flat sea, it was just perfect.

Little changes on our diving team…

We have a new face joining the diving Instructor team, Celine Schoups from Belgium. She speaks Dutch, German, French and English. She is looking forward meeting you and to show this beautiful underwater world.

Jupiter Muxing our guest relation officer changed to Velidhu. She will be taking care of all guest services at the dive center.

After being here in Meeru since a while Jeanine and Marc moved now to Euro-Divers Velidhu. Jeanine got promoted to be the new Dive center Manager in Velidhu. They both are excited and they are looking forward for the new challenge and meeting the new faces.

It’s been a quiet month here in North Male Atoll for the queens of the ocean, but with the arrival of our new Manta Trust colleague “Jessica Haines” arriving on the island, the Manta Rays are back in full swing, entertaining plenty of our divers and snorkelers at the Cleaning stations ‘Lankan Beyru and Sunlight Faru. August ended with a bang of 9 Manta rays during a single 60 minute dive on Thursday Morning. Anyone on this trip sure had a nice surprise from the underwater world with memories to last a lifetime.

MANTA DIVE ID’s 30/08/2018

  1. MV-MA-0069 Salsa
  2. MV-MA-0090 Pickle
  3. MV-MA-0097 Socks
  4. MV-MA-0127 Pelican
  5. MV-MA-0147 Scrumpy
  6. MV-MA-0657 Santa’s Little Helper
  7. MV-MA-0715 Sylvester
  8. MV-MA-0993 Strummer
  9. MV-MA-3848 Robert

MV-MA-0127 Pelican“Pelican” M127, has been recorded in our database 135 times so far.

First spotted in 2006 she’s been a regular on our cleaning stations within North Male for the past 12 years. Pelican was first observed pregnant in 2007.

A super exciting encounter to have on our last Manta dive as it looks like she has another little one brewing in her belly!

Hoping to see you all for this amazing encounters under or above the water 😉

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Sunny regard,
Euro-Divers Meeru Dive & Watersports Team