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Located 2.5miles (ca. 4 km) off Al Qurum beach in Muscat, Al Fatal Island is a fossilized limestone formation with three prominent pinnacles that peek out above sea level. It is also known as Shark Island due to the large number of black-tip reef sharks found in the shallow sandbank.

It is composed mostly of around 55 to 35 million year old Eocene limestone and marl. This limestone was originally part of the sea floor. It is made up from the shells of marine organisms such as bivalve shellfish, coral and algae, deposited in a shallow marine environment.

Al Fahal Islands are a haven for Oman’s diverse fish and coral species. Schools of fish are often found in and around the corals and reefs, there are various species, shapes and colors. If you are lucky can see whale sharks swimming by around it.It’s an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. Other marine life that thrives in the area includes barracuda, giant eagle rays, and Mobula rays. Each one of Oman’s 39 coral species can be found here, making this one of the country’s most exciting diving sites. Dive site in the FAHAL ISLAND includes;

Ray Bay 6-20 m, Hamburger Bay 6-24 m, North point 21-30 m, and East Bay 5-18 m, South point 5-18 m

For deep dive : Shallow reef 15-38 m, Deep Reef 24-40+, Tug & Barge 25-26 m

We often offer trips to this amazing dive sites which is 35 minutes boat drive each way from our dive centre. 2 tanks dive trip begin at 8am, and we return to the marina by latest 1.30 noon. On the way to the Islands, tourists can enjoy beautiful sights of Muscat along the coast, such as the Jalali and Mirani forts and Al Alam Palace.

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