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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the past couple of years have seen many dive trips cancelled and many divers longing to get back in the water. With the easing of travel restrictions, divers are once again looking forward to packing their fins and regulators and heading off to reefs full of incredible marine life, but if you’ve had any health issues since you last dived, remember to check the diver medical questionnaire to avoid disappointment on arrival.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, diver medical questionnaires were changed to include a question to identify those who had been infected with the virus – this resulted in a ‘Yes’ on the form for many which in turn meant the need for a medical assessment prior to diving. With the ever-evolving knowledge of the disease, there is good news for divers – the Covid-19 question has recently been removed from the form so simply having had Covid-19 DOES NOT require a medical assessment. If, however, your illness left you with any lingering health issues, this would be picked up on the medical questionnaire, resulting in the need for a consultation with a physician to determine fitness to dive – just the same as with any other illness.

Covid 19 Stay Safe

If you are fully recovered, asymptomatic, at full exercise capability and without abnormalities, and assuming no boxes with a ‘Yes’ on the medical questionnaire, you’re good to dive! It is generally recommended that divers who tested positive but were asymptomatic or experienced very mild symptoms, wait one month after returning to full fitness before considering getting back in the water.  Divers who had a more severe form of the illness should wait longer.

The safety of our divers is our highest priority and it remains essential for anyone with health concerns or problems to be medically evaluated prior to diving.

Click here to view the medical questionnaire that is required to be completed by all divers.