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Dive With Whale Sharks on your bucket list?

Head to South Ari Atoll in the Maldives – one of the best places worldwide to dive with whale sharks.

Whale sharks in South Ari Atoll

South Ari Atoll is under the protection of the Maldivian government. In 2009 the government declared the 42 square kilometers of coral reef habitat “the South Ari Atoll Marine Protected Area” (SAMPA).

South Ari Atoll is the largest protected area in the Maldives. It is unique because the whale sharks are in the area all year round with a peak season between September and October. While in other parts of the world, sightings are for a precious few weeks of the year.

LUX* Maldives and Vilamendhoo Island Resort are ideal locations for people who want to dive with whale sharks. And get that tick on their bucket list.

A whale shark encounter is an awesome experience that you will remember. Our team feels privileged to be a part of those memorable moments with our guests.

Whale shark action for snorkelers

You don’t have to be a diver to get whale shark action. Snorkelers can get lucky and see whale sharks.

With Euro-Divers, non-diving family members and partners can get in on the action and join regular snorkeling excursions and meet these giants. Who said divers have all the fun?

If you’ve been lucky to dive with whale sharks, let us know about your experience in the comments below!

Dive With Whale Sharks In The Maldives

About whale wharks

Whale sharks are the biggest living fish on the planet with their mouth reaching about one meter in width.

Yes, they could swallow you whole, but don’t worry – they are filter feeders and like to eat plankton, the smallest creatures in the ocean!

Appearing on the IUCN Red List and listed as endangered since 2016, whale sharks are important for the health of our oceans.

Whale sharks are under threat worldwide due to habitat loss, marine pollution, disturbance or harassment by boats and divers engaged in irresponsible tourism activities.

In the Maldives, we are lucky to have regular encounters with these magnificent creatures and marine conservation rules to protect them.

Come and enjoy the incredible experience of spending time with whale sharks in Ari Atoll with Euro-Divers.