Dive the Kudhimaa Wreck

Dive the Kudhimaa Wreck

Greetings from Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo.

Kudhimaa Wreck Maldives euro diversToday we would like to introduce to a great dive site, the Kudhimaa Wreck.

This is a beautiful and easy wreck dive. The Kudhimaa is a Japanese cargo and was sunk in 1998. It is located right next to Machafushi house reef and usually well protected from currents.

euro divers maldives vilamendhooThis wreck dive is not a penetration dive. The marine life is all around and on top of the wreck 🙂

You will see very nice coral growths and with it many macro favourites!

Here you can search for frog fish, real stone fish and many different nudi branches. Some of the nudis we just find here at Kudhimaa Wreck are the tiny yellow one, olivia’s and…

Often you will be accompanied by bat fish while descending to the wreck or at the end of your dive at the safety stop! Tunas and jacks will pass by in the blue, while you are exploring the wreck. Always a fantastic dive!