scuba team

James Dryden

Position: Dive Center Manager

People have had a consuming interest in going beneath the sea for centuries. Ancient manuscripts contain depictions of early divers. Century old artifacts imply that people dove for materials for jewelry such as pearls. Greek literature refers to early sponge divers. Herodotus (500 B.C.) tells the story of Scyllis, a Greek sailor, who used a reed to breathe as he cut the mooring lines of Persian ships. This interest pushed people to develop ever-improving methods of staying underwater for longer periods of time and at ever increasing depths. Since then training, equipment and guidelines have been greatly improved. Come and join my team and I for an unforgettable experience.



Position: Instructor.

Started his diving career in 2001 and knows the dive spots around the area like his back pocket. New addition to the team, Judex has brought a lot already to the team. It will be with great pleasure and enthusiasm that he will guide you in the pristine waters of Mauritius.


Position: Divemaster

May it be luck he just attracts them, Vijay always has had the eye to spot the most amazing things. From diving with a great white shark 10 years ago to spotting a family of bottlenose dolphins. Be sure to do at least 1 dive with him.





Position: Divemaster in training

Started diving in Club Med Turkoise and always dreamt of working in the Scuba Diving Industry. Fulfilling his dreams by joining the Euro-Divers team, friendly and welcoming, he loves to share his newfound passion.


Position: Skipper

Can lead us to any dive spot, eyes closed. Has been a skipper for the last 12 years, his extensive knowledge and experience allows us to guide you over some of the best dive spots there is to offer.