Bird’s eye view of the Maldives

scuba diving euro diversOur senior dive team recently went to the Maldives to capture some fantastic aerial views of the islands. They spent several days criss-crossing the region, island hooping between our dive centers located on world class island resorts; some of them quite remote. What a hard life these guys have 😉

Granted, when you think of the Maldives, you imagine mostly white sandy beaches where you can enjoy moments suspended in time that are completely dissociated from life back home. Sunsets that will burn forever in your memory.The embracing crystal blue sea welcoming you with open arms.And for divers, of course, the magnificent marine life waiting to be discovered just below the surface. Of course, the team had a chance to visit renown dive sites.

But their main goal for their travels was to capture images of the Maldives in a way that few people have. And so after having enjoyed fascinating early morning dives, they went to work. And the result, as you can see is spectacular.

Unfortunately, they had only time to visit seven dive centres on this visit.

So the good news is that there will be more to come.

Meanwhile, if you want to see more of Euro-Divers videos, please visit Euro-Divers YouTube Channel. You’ll be glad you did.