Bioluminescent plankton at Kurumba

Bioluminescent plankton at Kurumba

As it is the high season divers kept us busy going out diving every day. Repeaters came back for more diving. As usual many continue their diving education to the next level.
Visibility has been amazing with amazing encounters of different animals.

On a very special evening while the dive team was having a drink in Valentine’s day evening, one of our Instructor Leila saw the beach glowing in blue. The most amazing thing is it’s call a natural phenomenon. Oddly enough, some stressed-out sea creatures caused this spectacular sight. Lingulodinium polyedrum, a type of bioluminescent plankton, washed upon the shore in a massive tide. Normally these tiny organisms go unnoticed, but when under stress, whether from crashing waves or other disturbances, they emit a beautiful glowing light.

This month we have few changes in the team. Hussein Ali and leila Wirz will be moving to Euro-Divers Meeru island Resort & Spa. Hussein will be the new Dive & Watersports Center Manager. They both look forward for this amazing experience in Meeru.

Dive Center Manager here in Kurumba will be Nicolas Astarie from France. He has been working already long time for Euro-Diver in different islands. He comes with great experience and he is looking forward to meeting you all in Kurumba Maldives.

red FrogfishOn our very special wall dive site Gundolhi we have found red Frogfish. They are not so easy to find. Last year we found a blue one and this year it is red 🙂
We are hoping to show this exciting creature to you soon.

Hoping to see you all for this amazing encounters under water!

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Euro-Divers Kurumba Maldives Team.