When is the best time to visit the Maldives?

When is the best time to visit the Maldives?

The Maldives is a year round holiday destination – lying on the Equator, basking in tropical sunshine, sprinkled with rain and baked at a near constant 30°C and balmy water temperatures of about 28°C – it’s every bit the tropical island paradise you imagined it would be.

good weather maldivesThe weather in the Maldives is governed by the two main monsoons and these bring the different weather patterns that are used by the travel industry to split the year into ‘high’ and ‘low’ season.

High season coincides with the North-east Monsoon that starts in November and runs through to April, bringing with it great weather with calm, flat seas, good underwater visibility and plenty of sunshine.

Low season runs from May to October at the time of the South-west Monsoon and with it comes less settled weather with more overcast days but still plenty of  sunshine.

Plankton levels tend to increase at this time of year and, subsequently, the fish life becomes even more abundant. An added bonus at this time of year is the lower price tag of a Maldives holiday!

visit the maldivesWhen in the tropics, irrelevant of the season, there is likely to be a little rain, but in the Maldives this tends to be in short bursts, not the prolonged month-long downpours that render other destinations no-go areas at certain times of year. The rain is usually a welcome relief from the heat and gives way to sunshine again soon after.

Due to the vast area over which the tiny islands are scattered, the weather patterns vary hugely – there may be a shower on a neighbouring island while you are seeking shade from the relentless rays of the sun.

So, whatever the forecast is saying before your trip – ignore it, it’s unlikely to be very predictable.

No matter when you visit the Maldives this destination will not disappoint, the natural beauty is breath-taking, the lagoons are an watersport enthusiast’s playground and the underwater world is just waiting to mesmerize snorkelers and scuba divers with the abundance of life.

Get ready for the holiday of a lifetime!

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