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Top of most divers’ wish lists when visiting the Maldives are lots of fish, stunning reefs and encounters with sharks and rays. Guests diving with Euro-Divers Havodda are in for a treat – all of these and more can be seen on Havodda’s excellent house reef – no boat required!

The dive starts in the shallow and sheltered lagoon with abundance of baby black tip reef sharks and jack fish swimming around. After a short swim you arrive at the wall, gradually sloping down to about 35m, making it a perfect dive site for all certification levels from Open Water divers doing their first dives to more experienced Advanced Open Water divers.

Diving Maldives House Reef

The East side of the island has a huge variety of healthy corals that are home to a wide range of colourful reef fish; it’s also a great place to encounter sharks, barracuda and stingrays. Hawksbill turtles and spotted eagle rays are a common sight and are known for not being shy of divers, creating some amazing photo opportunities. Amongst the corals, divers with a keen eye will be able to discover a lot of hidden treasures such as leaf fish, moray eel, shrimps, tiger cowries and lobsters.

The North side has another amazing and stunningly beautiful wall, slightly steeper and deeper than the East Side. It is easily accessible via stairs located at the end water villa jetty. It’s just a short swim to the channel leading to the wall. This side is more susceptible to currents making it more likely that you will encounter hunting jack fish and grey reef sharks. Turtles, stingrays and white tip reef sharks can also be seen here.

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Experienced divers can take a short dingy ride and do a deep blue water entry, drifting to the corner connecting the North and East Side. This dive is particularly popular when stronger currents hit the corner, turning it into an amazing drift dive. These slightly stronger currents attract hunting sharks and tuna, creating an amazing spectacle. The closer you get to the jetty, the weaker the currents become, taking you past the vibrant and lively reef to end the dive.