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Al Munassir was sunk as an artificial reef on 21 April 2003 and is now a popular diving destination. The wreck is off the coast of Muscat (Bander Al Khairan) at a depth between 10 and 28 meters. It is now serve as an artificial reef & a refuge for marine life.

An amazing dive site to take part in deep dives, wreck specialty, underwater videography dives and night dives. This site has an amazing and diverse selection of marine life. The wreck is now well-established and numerous soft coral colonies have taken root on the decks of the wreck. While within the corridors of the vessel are some of the most rewarding and exciting experiences diving can offer. Massive schools of the fish gather here. The wreck is also the home to a Honey Comb Moray Eel named Jeff and a large ray known as “El Hijo Pep”. Families of Lion fish. Puffer fish and Octopus are also encountered here. A Night dive on the Al Munassir Wreck is an experience not be missed.

We offer daily trips to this site depending on the sea & visibility conditions. Night dives are organized for a minimum of 5 divers on request any day of the day except on Monday. For booking & more information please contact us through WhatsApp (968) 95483813 or (968) 92870722 /