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Whether you’re a recreational diver who wants to learn how to support a dive buddy who has a disability, or a dive professional who wants to be more aware of individual needs, Euro-Divers Spain offfers PADI courses to meet your needs.

PADI Adaptive Support Diver – for recreational divers

Scuba diving is an inclusive sport and hobby, open to all who meet the course prerequisites and as such, it’s important for all divers, to be aware of different challenges – both physical and mental, that their dive buddy may need support with. The techniques learned during the PADI Adaptive Support Diver course give the confidence needed to buddy a diver with a disability.

Prerequisites – PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent), minimum 15 years old and must have completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course within 24 months. Divers will find it useful to have completed the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course prior to this course too.

PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Course – for dive professionals

If you are a Divemaster or Instructor who would like to be more familiar with the varying needs of divers to enable you to offer a more inclusive service, this specialty is a must. The course builds upon the PADI Professional training and allows you to have a student-centred approach when adapting techniques to meet individual diver needs including physical and mental challenges. Your confidence as a dive professional will be enhanced by knowing you are able to give appropriate advice and support.

Prerequisites – PADI Divemaster (or equivalent) and must have completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course within 24 months.

We look forward to helping you on your way to helping make diving enjoyable for all.