Euro-Divers offers all repeating clients a repeater discount of minus 15% on dive package or course bookings(continous education or the next course after the one done previously)Your Euro-Divers stamp in your logbook verifies you as a repeating client – therefore please always bring your logbook with you.If you pre book with Euro-Divers directly we will already deduct the repeater discount from your pre booking invoiceImportant note: please let us know on which dive center with Euro-Divers you have been on your last visit! The repeater discount only applies to the actual repeating client and can not be used for other persons which might book together with you or you paying for them.
All our Dive Centers offer state of the art equipment for rental: Aqualung / Mares regulators with octopus, submersible pressure gauge and low pressure inflator. BCDs from Aqualung, Mares and SUUNTO dive computers. Aluminum cylinders Custom made wetsuits Air supply by BAUER and L&W compressors. Lamps made Aqualung and Treble Light. Photo cameras from Sea & Sea and Canon. Rebreathers from Draeger (Grand Hotel Hurghada and Spain.
The pre booking with Euro-Divers work as follows: Please send us your pre booking request by using the direct booking link from our website. Your booking request will be answered within two working days- if you still have questions regarding your booking we will also reply with any requested answers regarding your booking within 2 working days. For the booking as such – if no questions regarding the booking was there – we will send you the invoice for the requested service. The payment details will be stated on the invoice. As soon as your payment is received on the Euro-Divers AG bank account- we will send you the booking confirmation (voucher) – we do not accept and credit card payments. In order to guarantee and confirm a booking prior to your arrival on the respective dive centre, we kindly ask you to send us your booking as soon as possible in order to be able to give you the benefit of the 10% pre booking discount.The pre booking discount of 10% only applies for pre bookings with pre payment- for any local bookings the local valid price list will apply. For Euro-Divers repeaters the repeater discountof 15% will already be deducted from the pre booking invoice as well.
A medical certificate is not mandatory if you are generally in good health. You will have to fill in a form, which asks some specific questions about your health. The purpose of this medical questionnaire is to find out if you should be examined by a physician before participating in recreational diving. A positive response means that there is a pre-existing condition that may affect your safety while diving and you must seek the advice of a physician. It is easier and cheaper if you do this at your home place, however it may also be possible at some destinations (difficult and expensive in some cases). It is strongly recommended to submit to a medical once a year if you practice Scuba diving. Note 2: At Club Med Resorts with a resident doctor, he/she has the final decission on issues related to medical conditions and diving. Note: Diving medicine is a speciality and a medical certificate from a non specialist may be refused if it allows diving against international praxis. You can download here some guidelines for the examination that you can give to your doctor if he/she is not a diving specialist. Please visit the following web site for more detailed information on specific medical conditions and diving:
It is not mandatory but recommended. Some insurance will cover for decompression treatment and transportation while other do not. A DAN or PADI insurance offers an adequate coverage at a reasonable price.
Our cylinders are fitted with DIN/INT valves and can be used with either DIN or INT / yoke regulators.
All major credit cards are accepted as well as foreign currency, with some exceptions. US $ in cash or Travellers Checks are always accepted everywhere (note that you often must show your passport when paying with TC). It is often not advisable to use foreign currencies due to the local enchange rates. In Spain we only accept Euro cash payments, Egypt – local currency, USD and Euro – no credit card payments are available for Spain and Egypt
Pre booking with Euro-Divers directly is advise able in any case as you safe on any pre booking 10% compared to the local price lists. Pre bookings can be done through our direct booking link on the website. Any dive packages or courses can of course also be booked locally.The TO listed on our website can pre book your diving package directly as well.
Tips should be given voluntarily and based upon the quality of the service provided. Tips, of course, are very much appreciated by the crew.