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Dear Euro-Divers friends and family,

It is indeed strange times we are living, as I write these words people all over the world are in one way or the other affected by the virus spread.

Our heart goes out to those who are directly affected by the sickness or have family who are and to all those that had to endure the pain of losing someone they loved.

As the situation started to deteriorate we still had some of you diving with us around the world, we tried to ensure as we always do that your experience was fun and safe and we had towards the end implemented very strict health rules and sanitizing policies. We wanted to get you home safe and with fresh good memories to help you go through the hard times ahead.

Many of you, depending where you are might be living under strange conditions where your freedom of movement has been reduced, might be more or less worried for yourselves and your family. We share your worries and we also worry about our staff who are the soul of who we are.

We have been busy arranging to get home those who wanted to be with their families and making plans to take care of those that need to be taken care of so that we all can get through this together.

And this word “together” is today more important than ever, we are in this together and we shall overcome this together, thinking about ourselves but also those that surround us.

It is important we endure momentary measures that help the community, follow guidelines given to protect the community yourself and your loved ones and help those who need help whenever it is possible.

And before we realize, this will be over, leaving us to reflect on what we can do better or different in the future. We shall be waiting for you, looking forward to have you back, the fishes are already missing you, even though sometimes they might have enough of us their “bubbly” friends.

So keep safe, take care and take care of each other and be in touch, we all have more time all of a sudden, we shall do the same and keep you informed. If you have not done it yet, feel free to join our newsletter and join us on Facebook.

Yours truly

Your Euro-Divers friends