A quiet but very special month at Vilamendhoo

A quiet but very special month at Vilamendhoo

Dear fellow divers,

Month of June was a bit quiet but special, we have been very lucky on our trips to the whale shark point with good encounters and on top seeing 100’s of dolphins passing by during the dive. The next day again on the west side of the atoll Miyaru Thila during the dive was spotted more dolphins and as it is rare to see the dolphins we have been very lucky.

euro divers vilamendhoo maldives newsmanta id leila vilamendhoo maldivesThe mantas are still around on the East side of the atoll. We spotted them while diving and snorkeling.

Our Instructors Leila and Magali had a great encounter with mantas.

They took some pictures and send to the Manta Research team of Maldives to check ID names and one of the female manta was a new juvenile encounter with no ID so the Manta Research team gave the name Leila!

This month we offered a Freediving (Apnea) week and some of the guests and island staff joined to do the course. Many of them completed up to Advance Freediver and all of them could hold there breath under the water for more than 3 minutes and could go down to a maximum depth of 20 meters. The freediving week was offered with -15% discounts on course price.

And on top we as well started a special offer on beginner courses from Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver course with -15% on course fees. The special offer is from June 15th to July 15th 2015.

euro divers vilamendhoo maldives newsWorld Environment Day took place on 4th of June and many guests and island staff helped clean the island house reef and the lagoon. Vilamendhoo Resort planted man made steel structures with corals on the North West side of the island lagoon. The island management also invited local island school children to give awareness program about waste management and to give more information about how to protect the environment.

We had a special visit from the whale shark research team of Maldives to give the island staff and our Instructors of the dive team an update of the whale sharks. Many new information will be shared on our whale shark trips in the future with our guests 
Happy Bubbles 🙂

Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo