Fantastic dive at The Residence Maldives!

Fantastic dive at The Residence Maldives!

During the whole month of July, diving was great here far south. Most of the days we had a visibility from 40 meters with crystal clear water and great marine life.

Not enough with this….on 9th July 2018, we were lucky enough to encounter whale sharks. Not only 1, but 2 of them during a dive on Dhigurah Beyru. Imagine the happy faces from our guests back on the boat after the dive.

The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) can identify whale sharks with the unique pattern of the spots they have. As the whale sharks were close enough, we got some really good pictures and could send them to MWSRP in order to learn something more about the 2 animals we encountered.

We got exciting news that the 2 sharks were not registered in their database so far so the MWSRP registered them with the numbers WS#378 and WS#379. As we were the once who sent the pictures for the identification, we had the honor to give them a name. We chose “Bakuru” and “Rameeshaa”.

Whale sharks are not very common here in the South of the Maldives what made our encounter really special.

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