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50Th Logo 800X800 Celebrating 50 Years In The Maldives With Euro-Divers 14/06/20242022 is a very special year for Euro-Divers, it marks our 50th Anniversary of Diving in the Maldives!

Way back in 1972, Euro-Divers first opened its doors to divers at Kurumba Maldives and this was shortly followed by Meeru Island Resort & Spa.

Over the years, Euro-Divers has expanded its operation and built a solid and reliable reputation and brand name with regards to safety standards, working conditions for the team, and service philosophy, firstly in the Maldives but also now worldwide.

Euro-Divers at Kurumba in the '70s

Kurumba Maldives Celebrating 50 Years In The Maldives With Euro-Divers 14/06/2024

With eleven dive centres in Maldives, two in Egypt, Spain and Mauritius, and one each in Thailand, Oman and Japan, Euro-Divers offers a huge range of destinations and scuba diving activities as well as a variety of water sports activities at several dedicated water sports centres in the Maldives.

Euro-Divers’ mission is to provide world-class diving, water sports and excursions, giving clients access to the best locations in the world, in a safe, friendly and professional manner. ‘Diving With Friends and Having Fun Together’ has always been, and will remain, our philosophy.

Over the years Euro-Divers has built a strong community of countless repeater guests who enjoy a 15% Repeater Discount – come back and join the party!

As a special anniversary celebration we have created an incredible program of ‘Special Weeks’ in the different Maldives’ islands – take a look at the Events Calendar to help with planning your next visit.

There will also be an online underwater photography competition running from 1st March until 31st May 2022, stay connected with our social media platforms for more details as information is released.