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Everyone wants to squeeze as much into their holiday as possible but, if you’re a diver, there are a few things you should not do immediately after surfacing from your dive:

1- Flying

Due to the residual nitrogen that will still be saturated in your blood, if you catch a flight within 12 hours (more if you have been doing lots of diving) of a dive, the reduced pressure at altitude would have the same effect as surfacing too quickly. Rather than passing out gradually via the lungs, nitrogen can form bubbles in the bloodstream and cause Decompression Sickness (DCS). The Maldives has a 24 hour no fly policy.

2- Spa Treatments

Although a relaxing spa treatment is tempting, deep tissue massage is not recommended until 12 hours have passed since your last dive. The massage will stimulate blood flow which could lead to bubble formation, and it could also cause aches and pains which can mask symptoms of DCS and lead to delays in treatment. Hot tubs, jacuzzis and hot showers should also be avoided for at least 30 minutes due to the possibility of a rapid increase in body temperature causing dissolved nitrogen to come out of solution and form DCS-causing bubbles.

3- Excessive alcohol

Avoid drinking immediately after diving. Alcohol dehydrates the body and dehydration is a risk factor with DCS. Being intoxicated with alcohol will also hinder your ability to recognise DCS symptoms.

4- Freediving

Recreational snorkelling is absolutely fine but freediving should be avoided due to the risk of DCS due to bubbles in your system shrinking at depth and entering arterial circulation. You should follow the same guidelines as flying after diving.

5- Exercising

Wait 4-6 hours after diving before embarking on a session at the gym, or playing sport – again, due to the risk of DCS.

Recommended Post-Dive Activities

Hang out at the dive centre and chat with our team about all things diving, explore the island, enjoy a well-earned nap, fill in your dive log or complete some study for your next diving course!