5 Reasons the Maldives is a world-renowned diving destination

5 Reasons the Maldives is a world-renowned diving destination

The Maldives has long been a world-renowned scuba diving destination; topping the bucket lists of not only those in search of tropical idyll on land but below the ocean’s surface too, here’s why:

  1. Unrivalled conditions – the water temperature is a balmy 28 – 29 °C all year round with great visibility, and when you pair this with the small groups and uncrowded reefs and you get very happy divers!
  2. Abundance of marine life – ‘reefs teeming with life’, ‘fish soup’ and ‘like being in an aquarium’, is how divers often describe their experiences of the underwater world here in the Maldives. The biodiversity of the marine ecosystems is astounding and far exceeds that of many other destinations.
  3. Big fish encounters – mantas, whale sharks, reef sharks and rays are the iconic Maldives’ species at the top of many divers’ wish lists of things to see and in the Maldives there’s a good chance of wishes coming true.
  4. Huge variety of reefs to explore – walls and drop-offs, coral encrusted overhangs, canyons and swim-throughs, colourful underwater islands, deep channel edges and corners with fast flowing currents; there are dive sites to suit every ability and experience level.
  5. Unbeatable surface intervals – everyone needs to relax sometimes – even divers! The picture perfect beaches, indulgent spas, delicious cuisine and, for those who simply can’t stay away from the water, a range of watersports to try, makes the time between dives something to relish rather than endure!

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variety reefs explore maldivesWith 99% of its area lying underwater, it’s not surprising that this island nation, stretching across the Equator in the Indian Ocean has got a reputation as a divers paradise, come and see for yourselves!

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