14th of July on Kani

14th of July on Kani

14th of July is always a special event in Kani as it is the day the French are celebrating the Bastille Day. On this day, at the restaurant, our Chef Ivan prepared the best French cuisine you can possibly get in Maldives.

Our G.O team dressed up in French revolution costumes and organized a foam party on the beach during the day.

To end this perfect day, in the night they served a fountain of champagne and a Maldivian live band came to play.

What we love living on an island with so many nationalities is that we always have something to celebrate.

The most important event this month is the opening of the underwater trail.

Leslie Bissey and Elodie Gasparin, both marine biologist, have set up the Mobi Reef Project.

In partnership with the French ministry of environment, SM2 solutions Marines and Club Med.

This project is meant to restore the marine biodiversity and to raise awareness among our G.M.s. By creating artificial habitat, multiples species of fish will come to shelter and reproduce.

Thich should increase the population and the biodiversity of the area.

In small groups of snorkelers accompanied with Fahran our new G.O marine biologist, our guests will be able to discover all the different types of habitat and learn a lot about marine life.

On this month also, the construction team is starting to build a brand new dive center for us.

Not only it will be better designed than the old one, our new dive center will be larger and will integrate in one building our check in office, classrooms, bathroom and locker area.

This new dive center should be ready in 4 months and we can’t wait to see it.

Last but not least, some famous repeater divers came back to visit us one more time this year. This month we are happy to welcome Shoshy from Israel, Marc and Else from Belgium and our Doctor Eric.

No matter how the weather is or how late they will leave the bar at night, these four will be on time every day for the early diving meeting. Special thanks to them for making this happy atmosphere on the boat and thanks for their kindness.

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