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If you’ve been dreaming of diving for many months and are now starting to plan a trip, you’ll want to make sure it’s been worth waiting for. Egypt’s Southern Red Sea is world-renowned for the diving on offer – great visibility combined with beautiful reefs bursting with marine life is every divers dream. Utopia Beach Club and Grand Hotel are perfectly placed to offer the convenience of having some of the top dive sites of the area within easy reach.

Scuba Diving Red Sea 10 Incredible Dive Sites In Egypt’s Southern Red Sea 13/06/2024

Utopia Beach Club

  • Shaab Kenz with Zodiac

Start your dive in a beautiful canyon before exploring a plateau full of fish life and incredible soft corals.

  • South Plateau with Zodiac

Dive a breathtaking reef wall pointing towards the open sea. Frequent currents bathe the reef with nutrients and provide the perfect environment for colourful soft corals and hard corals alike – the reef is totally covered with them. Schools of fusiliers, tuna and napoleons are regular visitors along this reef wall.

  • Sheik Malik by Bus

Large turtles and a dugong love the seaweed area of this small reef located in the sandy bay.

  • Shaab Rahma by Bus

Begin by diving through a small hole leading to an amazing canyon – this is reef structure with the ‘wow factor’ and to add to this great dive you’ll have the opportunity to see turtles and eagle rays too.

  • Elphinstone Reef by bus and speedboat

One of the most famous and demanding of all Red Sea Dive Sites! At approximately 350 metres long, the east and west sides offer

beautifully overgrown steep walls but it’s the north and south plateaus where the action usually happens –it’s where divers have a high chance of encountering Oceanic White Tip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus), hammerheads and other pelagics.

A little further by bus, for those seeking wrecks, we can reach Salem Express wreck in the Safaga diving area and the Abu Gusun wreck south of Marsa Alam.

Hammerhead Shark Egypt 10 Incredible Dive Sites In Egypt’s Southern Red Sea 13/06/2024

Grand Hotel Hurghada

  • Careless Reef

A spectacular display of both hard and soft corals is found here, thanks to its location amidst the current. It’s a plateau dive with a steep wall on the east side and reef sharks are often seen cruising around here.

  • Police station

The drift dive past the old police station on Little Giftun Island is a MUST for every experienced diver. A breathtaking gorgonian forest awaits at 30 metres, the likes of which is not seen elsewhere in the area.

  • Abu Ramada North

A plateau drawn to the east separates from the main reef and is covered with hard coral blocks. Tunas, Napoleons and the occasional reef shark can be seen here. The northern wall is covered with gorgonians and colourful soft coral vegetation.

  • Gota Abu Ramada

The coral garden in Hurghada par excellence. The place is ideal for stationary dives and is also a great experience for snorkelers.

  • El Aruk

Numerous coral blocks stand on a plateau at a depth of only 10-12 m at short intervals. Due to the exposed location, these are lush and abundant with life.

If you simply can’t wait any longer, come and see us in the Southern Red Sea – we’ll make sure it’s been worth waiting for!