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Through the Eyes of a Female Scuba Diving Instructor

Through the Eyes of a Female Scuba Diving Instructor

In honor of the annual Women’s Dive Day, which is celebrated on July 17, we profile some of the Euro-Divers female scuba diving instructors. They have different backgrounds, challenges, career paths, and dream, but it’s what they share that united them: a Love for the Ocean.

World Oceans Day 2021

World Oceans Day 2021

At Euro-Divers we believe there is much to celebrate about our oceans but a great deal to be done to protect them, on World Oceans Day and beyond.


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Become a PADI certified diver in no time by participating the underwater adventures of the PADI system of education.

PADI eLearning makes it easy to start "diving" at home and complete your course on your dream diving holiday!


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Euro-Divers is always looking for enthusiastic people to be part of our dynamic scuba diving team.

Are you someone who is looking forward to share their knowledge of the sea with others?

For most divers, scuba diving is done while on holiday. But there are a lucky few who dive during their workday.

Take the first step, find out what you need to work with Euro-Divers.


Euro-Divers Worldwide

Scuba Diving

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A new and fascinating world full of surprises and excitement awaits; to the delight of divers on holiday. A natural kaleidoscope of forms and colors evolves in front of your eyes.

Euro-Divers would like to invite divers and beginner divers into this underwater world. Euro-Divers Worldwide has built its reputation in the industry for setting high standards of scuba diving safety, professionalism and customer relationship.

Diving Holidays

scuba diving maldives

We started diving activities in the Maldives over 40 years ago. Today we offer you a wide selection of holiday destinations and scuba diving lessons to choose from. Diving holidays in Maldives, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Oman, Croatia, Japan and Mauritius.

Our great love for scuba diving and our experience reflects in our philosophy. From here you have the possibility to contact any of our dive centers for detailed information. Our team is always ready to help guests plan for a tailor made experience.

Diving Courses

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Our dive centres, scuba dive shops and diving schools employ qualified and professional multilingual scuba diving instructors.

We conduct PADI scuba diving courses and scuba lessons from beginners up to instructor level.

Successful completion of the PADI IDC instructor course is the best way to start a new career in the industry.

We are sure we will have a program to match your interest or holiday schedule. And for divers who are looking at new and exciting activities, some of our dive centers also offer more advanced diving techniques such as tec and fluo diving.

Diving With Friends

diving maldives friends euro divers

Our many years of experience show in our philosophy, and highlight our performance.

Diving With Friends is something we take to heart.

Each of our PADI 5 Star dive centers employs highly qualified multi-lingual instructors, teaching courses from beginners up to assistant instructors in our guests’ native language.