Hotel Cala Joncols

Hotel Cala Joncols is an idyllic property nestled in the midst of a natural park and surrounded by a wreath of olive trees.

The Hotel Cala Joncols is this quaint bay’s unique locale, and the best diving locations of the ‘Cap de Creus’ are merely a hand-throw away.

The convivial hotel is famous for its outstanding home made Spanish cuisine: may it be either ‘a la carte’ or the full-board menu you will be equally titillated by the exquisite traditional Spanish aromas and flavours.

It is the only hotel in the bay!

Euro-Divers Cala Joncols

As you dive from the beach or from the diving boat, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by, and marvel at, the splendor, variety, and richness that this Mediterranean alcove has to offer. At a mere depth of 10 meters, ogle hermit-crabs, seahorses, red corals, codfish, eels, or dragon-fish: the luscious array is truly mind-boggling to the delight of all divers.

Euro-Divers offers an extensive range of diving lessons and courses: from beginner to expert diver, may it be a trial dive, Nitrox or Rebreather dives, or instructor training, we cater to your diving objectives.

Cala Joncols
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