Euro-Divers Velidhu

Euro-Divers Velidhu has more than 30 dives sites are from 10 minutes to 1 hour boat ride away from the island. Divers can enjoy wreck diving to wall diving. The marine life is abundant with mantas and sharks. And for the lucky divers, hammerhead sharks. Velidhu is home to some of the best dive sites in Maldives.

From November to March is plankton season in this area of the Maldives and plankton feeders such as mantas rays are often to be seen by divers around the area. There are special dive sites where our guests will have an excellent chance to see these magnificent rays. Additionally, there are also occasional encounters of whale sharks on their way to the south part of the atoll in February and March. During this season we plan special excursions to those dive sites in North Ari.

Velidhu Island Resort

Velhidhu Island Resort is situated in the northern end of Ari Atoll. It offers an ideal location the perfect diving holiday.

A beautiful and easily accessible house reef surrounds the island. Velidhu Island Resort offers 4 stars ambiance, excellent service and great food. The resort staff is determined to bring you the best service.

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The comfortable beach bungalows surrounding Velidhu, as well as the fantastic water bungalows, leave no wishes unfulfilled. These bungalows are well equipped with modern facilities.

Velidhu Island Resort
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Throughout the year, our dive centers offer special activities, diving courses and excursions.Please contact your preferred dive center for more information about any of these activities as some fees can apply.

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