Speed Boat/ Zodiac Dive Trips

speed boat safari el gouna egyptProfit to reach further away dive sites fast and before everyone else, different dive sites possible from wrecks to drop offs, from small secret reefs to dolphin safaris, all in small groups and with a private guide.

  • Available every day, weather dependant
  • Boat type: Zodiac 26 Feet (8 meters)
  • Engines: Yamaha 85 HP (x2)
  • Divers: 6 + Private guide and Captain
  • Schedule : 1 or 2 dives (AM)
  • Need minimum 4 divers
Trip time: 30 minutes

Huge horse-shoe shaped reef, a natural aquarium like dive site populated by huge schools of fish and century old coral formations, the area is also famous by the frequent encounters with funny and extroverted, wild dolphins, join our trip to dive with these friendly mammals.

Trip Time: 40 minutes

Famous drop-off style reef once elected one of the best reefs in the whole Hurghada area. These two huge table-like coral blocks are full of soft corals and a path for pelagic fishes visiting the area, tunas, jacks and rays.

Trip time: 40 minutes

An extraordinary reef that seems to be a magnet for ships, more than 4 are known to have found their resting place here for the delight of today’s divers. Experience the magic of diving into history cruising between wood logs from last century or fancy Italian tiles, a heavy-metal experience for the experienced diver.

Trip time: 45 minutes

An unique experience to dive into history, this is wreck went down a few days after the Thistlegorn by the Germans on the search of the famous Queen Mary. An intact wreck full of marine life sitting upright on a 50 meter sandy bottom, an adrenaline dive not be missed!