3 words divers should know in Maldives

3 words divers should know in Maldives

Greetings from sunny Velidhu Island Resort.

There are 3 important words we think you should know when enjoying your dives in the Maldives.


Ukhulas Thila Maldives

Ukhulas Thila Maldives

A Thila is an underwater mountain with a top reef between 5 – 15 meters. Depending if the Thila is situated in a channel or in the middle of the atoll, it is exposed to different strength of currents. Around Velidhu we have several Thilas and the most known might be Hafza Thila and Maaya Thila.

Of course Nika Point and Ukulhas Thila must not be forgotten!!!

Nika Point is famous for its particular topography with swim troughs and canyons; Ukulhas Thila is situated at the outer part of the atoll and is often coming up with strong currents and a lot of big fish. We were very lucky already to see a sailfish on Ukulhas Thila!!!

All of the Thilas allow us to dive in big schools of fusiliers, snappers and triggerfishes and the reef tops offer a lot to see for fans of macro life.


Kuda Giri Maldives

Kuda Giri Maldives

A Giri is like a Thila an underwater mountain but comes very shallow to the surface. Often the top reef is only 2 meters under the surface and it is even possible that while low tide the corals emerge out of the water.

Giris are mostly inside the atolls and therefore less exposed to currents.

Around 20 minutes boat ride from Velidhu we have Kuda Giri where we can observe a lot of macro live like nudibranchs and flatworms.

Many times we also meet a turtle and as a special highlight our dive guides know the holes where 2 mantis shrimps are living inside. With a little bit of luck the resident is curious enough to poke out and we can admire them from very close by.


Thila, Giri and Kandu. Do you know what these are?

Gangehi Kandu Maldives

Gangehi Kandu Maldives

Kandus are channels between the islands, reefs or atolls. In these channels we have often strong currents which are attracting big fishes.

These currents allow us to have amazing drift dives and to “fly” through the channel: a very special feeling!!!

Close to Velidhu we are diving regularly Gangehi North, also named Gangehi Kandu and we encounter often big fishes like grey reef sharks, eagle rays and also napoleons

with a bit of luck we can also admire a leopard shark or manta rays.

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